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Accelerated time to clinics

Innovation management: from idea up to first-in-human clinical trials

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Combining expertise from bench to bedside

As a Single Entry Point, PHOENIX will offer a top-tier and consolidated network of facilities, technologies, services and expertise to bridge the path of nanopharmaceuticals from bench to bedside.

Services from development to GMP manufacturing

The PHOENIX service portfolio offers 5 categories of services, covering all the different aspects needed for the development of nanopharmaceuticals from early stage to entry into clinical trials.

Customized solutions along the entire supply chain

Our network covers the entire supply chain from bench to bedside, as well as services around a broad range of administration routes. A dedicated contact person from our Single Entry Point will evaluate your needs and create a comprehensive service plan.


for the development of nano-pharmaceuticals from early stage to entry into clinical trials

Physico-Chemical Characterisation

In Vitro

In Vivo



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PHOENIX SEP offers customized solutions along the entire supply chain.

Contact us and we will put you in touch with a dedicated contact person who will learn more about your specific needs.

Together, you can choose your desired services and design a plan.