What are services offered by the PHOENIX-OITB gGmbh partners?

PHOENIX-OITB services cover all activities from the research to development, from prototyping to industrial production, and especially the testing in an industrial environment, the validation of the characteristics of the nano-pharmaceuticals and innovative medical products and the control of the respect of legal and regulatory constraints.

Users can access them through our Single Entry Point (SEP).

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What does SEP means for the end-users?

The Open Innovation Test Best (OITB) is the partnership of service providers offering a full service along all steps of the technological development of nano-pharmaceuticals physical innovation.

Users can access all needed expertise of the OITB through a Single Entry Point (SEP).

The SEP has the power to sign contracts on behalf of the OITB and be held accountable for it.

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About Open Innovation Test Beds

What are the Open Innovation Test Beds for material upscaling, characterisation, modelling, and safety?

Open Innovation Test Beds are entities, established as a Single Entry Point (SEP), offering access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nano-technology and advanced materials in industrial environments.

Open Innovation Test Beds bring nanotechnologies and advanced materials within the reach of companies and users in order to advance from validation in a laboratory (Technology Readiness Level/TRL 4) to prototypes in industrial environments (TRL 7).

Who are the end-users?

Users could be industrial, including SMEs, as well as innovators including academia and individual entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Open Innovation Test Beds are open and accessible to any interested party from the EU or outside the EU.

What are the European Added Values of OITBs?

Here are just some of the advantages of OITBs:

  • Single Entry Point for any user to nano-pharmaceuticals facilities and services across Europe
  • Broad access to nano-pharmaceuticals development facilities and services across Europe
  • Accelerated maturity of products for a faster market entry
  • Reduced costs for accelerating nano-pharmaceuticals production for both industry and users
  • Harmonised conditions for testing and procedures for nano-pharmaceuticals upscaling, characterisation and modelling to improve internal market accessibility
  • Increased return on investment in nano-pharmaceuticals research
  • Early stage access to intelligence on EU regulations making the nano-pharmaceutical development process more efficient
  • Easier marketability of products in Europe (e.g. non-European products to be tested in accordance to EU regulations to enter the market)

What does Open Access mean?

Open access in this context means that any interested party, from Europe or globally, can access the Open Innovation Test Beds’ facilities and services independently.

Any interested party from the EU or non-EU countries can access the Open Innovation Test Beds at fair conditions and pricing and with transparent and mutual obligations with regards to, for instance, security, safety and intellectual property rights.

PHOENIX-OITB set a framework for the definition of the access conditions to their facilities and services respecting transparency and fair access conditions.

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